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Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In? Useful Information 2022

An air fryer is a great kitchen tool that makes your kitchen work so much easier. It can halve the actual cooking time thanks to its outstanding feature. However, until one day, you plug it in and realize it's not working anymore. So, why your air fryer won't turn on when plugged in? How to solve it? We have got the answer for you. Now, let’s read on to discover!

Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In

This kitchen appliance may stop working for various reasons. Source

There are many reasons why your kitchen appliance won't work, such as:

  • Broken device

  • Socket not working

  • Not plugged into the socket

  • Air Fryer's basket place not properly

  • The cable that connects to your device is damage

  • The fuse is broken

  •  Put too much food

Of course, if your device breaks down, you will need the help of a professional. 

However, you should only call this professional after trying everything we mentioned below.

How to Check for My Air Fryer?

After identifying some common causes, you should know what to do to check your device. Here are the steps to check it.

Make Sure Your Device Is Plugged Into an Outlet

It sounds silly, doesn't it? But sometimes, the cause lies in your absentmindedness.

Maybe you are tired or unhappy at that time, making you forget to plug this kitchen appliance into an electrical outlet.

In addition, maybe you inserted the plugs into the socket incorrectly, causing it to come loose. So, check and plug them in again.

If your device is correctly connected to an outlet and your device still isn't working, continue reading.

The Socket

Check the socket

Check the socket. Source

It is to waste time if you just spend hours and hours messing around with your kitchen equipment when the cause lies in the outlet. 

The fact is that it is also the most common cause, which many people overlook.

The way to check is straightforward. Just try plugging in your device with a different outlet. If your device works, you will know that the old outlet has a problem, at least it is not working now.

If it still does not work, your socket is probably still working correctly. It is time to move on to the next step.

Check Out the Basket Place

the basket

The basket. Source

Make sure the basket is in place. Otherwise, it may cause your machine not to work. Specifically, most models will not let you start the cooking process if they notice that their basket isn't placed correctly.

So, try putting the basket back in place before you power on the machine.

The Power Cord

Check if there is a problem with its power cord. Make sure it's not damaged or frayed. If it looks worn or has cracks on it, you may have to get professional help to replace it for your device to function correctly and safely.

Besides, it is essential to check the connection between the power cable and the plug. If the connection between them is loose or broken, you may have to cut that part of your cable and reconnect it to the plug.

The Fuse

Many models come with plugs with fuses built-in there. It is best to refer to the owner's manual to know what yours looks like.

You need to check if your fuse is still connected or if it appears blown. If the problem is in your fuse, all you need to do is replace it with a new one.

Refer to Your Owner Manual for Some Tips

Most appliances come with an owner manual unless you buy an old one. The owner manual will cover how to fix some common problems. In many cases, it is beneficial.

Contact to Manufacturer for Warranty

If you've tried all of the above to no avail, it is time to contact the manufacturer for a warranty claim.

If your machine is still under warranty, the manufacturer will usually cover the total cost of the repair. On the other hand, you can also get a new device completely free.

To check if your product is still under warranty, you can visit the manufacturer's website and navigate to items like "support," "support & warranty," and so on.

You should not attempt to repair or change the structure of the machine by yourself, as this may void the warranty.

Get Professional Help

If your device is out of warranty, your only option is to call a professional. 

But, of course, you will have to pay for that, depending on how damaged the equipment is.

If you want a visual of this guide, please check out the video below:

How Long Do Air Fryers Last?

An air fryer can last from half a handful to 3 years, depending on its quality and how you take care of it. As a result, research is essential before buying and taking home any model.

Should I Put a Lot of Food in the Basket?

This kitchen appliance uses some fantastic technology to heat and crisp your food without the need for fat.

However, if you put too much food in its basket, you will overload it, causing it not to distribute the heat properly. In worse cases, it may stop working.

Can I Put Foil in Air Fryers?

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil. Source

The simple answer is yes! It is possible to use aluminum foil in this machine.

However, it depends on the model of your device and the type of food you are cooking. So, first of all, you should check your owner manual.

In Conclusion

In general, there are many reasons why air fryers stop working. So, we recommend sticking to the above guide for a preliminary check of your device.

But, you must avoid tampering too much with your machine. Otherwise, you may lose your warranty rights.

Thank you for reading!

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