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Can You Put A Bag Of Popcorn In An Air Fryer?

The results of popping corn on a stove burner are excellent, but there are many cleanups, and you will have to check up on it to avoid burning. So, more individuals switch to popping corn kernels in-home air fryers. But, can you put a bag of popcorn in an air fryer? Of course, you can. We will show you how to do so in the sections below. It keeps the flavor and reduces the risk of burning or overcooking. It isn't the quickest method, but it's a viable choice.

Can You Put A Bag Of Popcorn In An Air Fryer?

Corn kernels

Corn kernels

Yes, you can. You can make a little pouch out of aluminum foil, fill it with the kernels and oil, and place it in the air fryer (countertop convection oven) at standard temperature. It will take you a lot more time to cook but keep your kitchen cleaner.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind, and the process is a little different from what you might be used to. The conventional way is to cook the kernels on a stovetop with a little oil before adding them.

Can You Cook Popcorn In An Air Fryer?

A countertop convection oven

A countertop convection oven

My fundamental conclusion is that popping corn in an air fryer is technically doable, but it is not worth it. The time required is excessive, and the popping effectiveness appears insufficient.

We despise seeing many unpopped kernels! So, we're not going to try popping corn in our countertop convection oven again. For us, it appears that stovetop corn kernels, microwave corn kernels, or even the reliable air popper are the only options.

To prove the point, we took the same popping corn and cooked it the conventional way in a deep fryer with some coconut oil. It took less than five mins to pop virtually all of the kernels and provide an excellent outcome.

It just does not make sense to spend roughly 15 minutes blasting away in a countertop convection oven when a pan can handle the job in only five minutes. It seems to be a massive waste of power!

We're upset since we had mistakenly imagined that using an air fryer to produce corn would be an excellent idea! It would be best to find a countertop convection oven that runs beyond 200 degrees; you could have better results. 

How To Cook Popcorn In An Air Fryer?

How To Cook Popcorn In An Air Fryer

A paper bag of maize

Making popcorn using an air fryer is straightforward and may offer you the handmade and right crisp taste in a tiny portion suited for any person without a microwave. This method makes it a healthy option.

Because of how tough popcorn is on the air fryer; we wouldn't recommend preparing many batches to serve the entire family since any kernels that make their way into the coil might become lodged and provide a fire danger.

If kernels become stuck in your fryer, it will take some time for them to work their way out while frying other dishes.

  • Line the basket of the countertop convection oven with tin foil to keep kernels from dropping into the basket, in which they will heat to explode but create pressure, causing them to burn and perhaps damaging the basket.

  • Combine 1 tsp oil and 1/4 cup corn kernels in a small bowl or a meal brown paper pouch. Ensure that the oil is evenly distributed throughout the kernels. Or, close the bag and shake it to cover the corn seeds within the oil.

  • Then, evenly distribute the corn kernels throughout the base of the basket.

  • Start the countertop convection oven and set the timer for 10 minutes, ample time to cook the popcorn perfectly. Remember not to exceed 10 minutes, because this will result in burning. Once you take the popcorn out, the food will be the same as any other technique.

Can You Airfrying A Paper Bag Of Popcorn?

Can You Airfrying A Paper Bag Of Popcorn

You can use aluminum foil to cover the basket

We decided that putting the kernels of corn in a paper bag would keep them together. So we filled my paper bag with the same quantity of seeds, twisted the end a couple of times, and set it in the air fryer.

Is it getting any better? Would there be too many unpopped kernels as before? Unfortunately, only just a few corn seeds had burst after approximately 20 minutes of blasting away in our countertop convection oven.

Unfortunately, the air fryer's heat source had slightly charred the paper bag. So, we will not go to repeat that test anytime soon.

But, you can cover your corn lightly in aluminum foil to enable it to pop inside a countertop convection oven. 

The aluminum foil will be better if a thin paper bag doesn't work, although it would still take excessive time for perfectly cooked popcorn.


You can cook it in an oven

You can cook it in an oven

We will answer some frequently asked questions that we have received recently. We hope they are all beneficial to you.

Can You Put Microwave Popcorn In An Oven?

You can microwave corn kernels in a toaster oven or a conventional oven. Fold these kennels into a tin foil bag and drizzle with oil—Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Popcorn is cooked quickly, causing the moisture within the kernels to steam and explode.

Can You Make Popcorn With An Air Fryer? 

The answer is yes. Corn kernels made in a countertop convection oven are delicious and airy. However, it takes a little longer than with the burner, but there is less possibility of the popcorn frying!


Now, you can answer the question, “Can you put a bag of popcorn in an air fryer?” effortlessly. You'll have fewer risks of burning or overcooking the popcorn, as well as a smaller mess in the kitchen. 

It is also the healthiest way to make popcorn since you use less oil without sacrificing flavor. Thank you for reading!

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