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Can You Put Metal In An Air Fryer? The Ultimate Answer Is Here!

However, some people may still be a bit unfamiliar with this appliance. Can you put metal in an air fryer? Don't stress too much! This article will solve your issue right away. Let's scroll down!The air fryer has recently become one of several homemakers' favorite kitchen equipment. It provides convenience, speedy cooking, and, most importantly, health advantages.

Can You Put Metal In An Air Fryer? 

The short answer is yes! You can use items made from metal in an air fryer as long as it is oven-safe. 

In its simplest term, metal items usable in the oven can be safe in this device. The oven-safe kitchen utensils can endure the heat of an oven up to 500 °F. 

In this temperature limit, metal may be stable without getting damaged or melting for a long period!

Another crucial point to remember is you need only put items in the basket if they fit. The basket helps the equipment to circulate effectively and thoroughly prepare meals.

Many people are unaware of the operation of a fryer. It's essentially a strong convection oven that distributes heat fast.

However, even while it can provide practically rapid heat, this equipment is not the same as a microwave.

.Metal is fryer-safe

If you use this kitchen appliance for the first time, you can refer to this video: 

What Can You Put In An Air Fryer? 

Here are fryer-safe things you can apply for your appliance: 

Steel Bowls 

Steel bowls or plates are particularly effective heat conductors. They can simulate the effect of the machine, especially if you cover the top of a steel dish with foil. 

It retains heat within, allowing the food to cook all the way through instead of merely frying on the surface.


Foil is safe to use in this appliance. It is also a great heat conductor. 

Thus, it will be a good option if you don't need your food to contact the heat directly. Just use foil and wrap all the food up. 

It would be best to seal the aluminum foil properly not to fly around during the cooking process. Foil might be a fragile material, and thus the pressure of the flowing heat might rip it to shreds.

Parchment Paper 

Parchment paper helps prevent your food from adhering to the fryer's compartment. If you cook sticky foods like lava cake or coated chicken, applying parchment paper is better. 

Remember to put your food evenly. The parchment contains uniformly spaced holes, which might allow the parchment paper to fly around due to the power of the flowing hot air. 

You can also use parchment for non-sticky meals. It will prevent food particles or crumbs from getting in the crannies and nooks. 


Heat-resistant Pyrex dishes are microwave-safe, so they are also suitable to use inside the appliance. These things will help you cut down on the amount of cleanup you'll have to perform afterward.

Iron Skillet

Like steel and foil, the iron skillet is good at conducting heat, so it effectively circulates the temperature evenly on all surfaces. Hence, you can use it as long as its dimensions fit the equipment. 

It will be the best choice if you need to cook cheese or food with sauces. 

Pam Oil

Pam oil frying spray is completely safe to use in the fryer. To keep food from clinging to the compartment, you can spray pam oil all over the fryer's surface.

Parchment paper

Parchment paper

What Can You Not Put In An Air Fryer?

These are four items to keep out of the fryer. You may end up damaging the equipment or contaminating your food if you do so. Let's take a closer look!


The fryer does not accept plastic. If you add any plastic inside the equipment, it will almost certainly melt, resulting in a huge mess or serious damage to the equipment.


Some foods sparingly need water when you cook or reheat them with this appliance. Yet, this water addition is not essential. 

Besides, you should avoid boiling water with this equipment. That's because the force of the air flowing from water might harm your device.

Paper Towels

You can put a paper towel in this device, but it's not recommended. It can prevent air from flowing freely through the device, causing the cooking process to be disrupted. 

Worse, there's a chance that the paper towels may burst into flames.


Stews and gravy sauces are not ideal for use inside the fryer. Meat marinades, on the other hand, are acceptable.

You can generally use sauces with thick consistency since they don't move around too much throughout the air frying procedure. 

Meanwhile, the runny liquid is not perfect for the equipment as it's lighter, which causes it to move easily during the cooking process. 

Plastic bowls

Plastic bowls

Can Air Fryers Explode?

The fryers frequently become excessively hot or produce smoke. However, this machine seldom explodes. Nonetheless, it is critical to comprehend the most common reasons for explosions.

It might explode if this equipment needs to work for something out of its recommended parameters. 

If you fill this appliance full of food or too much water in the bottom, the explosion could happen due to a lack of air circulation.

What's more, when you put something that catches fire easily, this can lead to a fire. This kitchen utensil doesn't require oil, without a doubt. Apply small portions according to the manufacturer's warnings if you need oil. 

The vents are essential for providing air to all parts of the device. The device may explode if excess oil overflows the fryer's entrances and outputs.

Overcrowding surroundings may be the reason for the explosion. 

Don't put it too close to the wall.

Don't put it too close to the wall.

In A Nutshell

This article has eventually got to the bottom of the asked question: Can you put metal in an air fryer? All in all, it's safe to use metal inside this appliance. 

Apart from metal, you can use other items such as parchment paper, pyrex, or pam oil. Moreover, you should avoid putting plastic, water, paper towels, or runny sauces in this equipment. 

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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